Nikki Hesford Business Academy

“I launched my Business Academy in order to provide results driven digital marketing support for all businesses regardless of budget or size. For small businesses with less money to spend, we offer affordable training events to teach you to do it yourself. For businesses with more to spend we can offer a fully managed marketing package, including the set up and management of Facebook Advertising of which we are specialists!

How can the Business Academy help you?

Whatever stage of business you are at, it is more that likely that you are here looking for start up and marketing advice for your business. This may be because you are already trading and need more sales, or because you need to understand how you will market your business after you have launched it. My Business Academy is here to help!

Although we cover all areas of Marketing, PR and Social Media, we are specialists in Facebook paid advertising. This is fast becoming one of the most embraced methods of reaching new clients due to the very low costs of acquisition compared to other marketing channels. We have been using Facebook ads since 2012, long before most people knew they exist!

Whether you simply want help filling in a brilliant Awards Application, half a day’s training on Facebook Advertising or digital marketing or the full outsourced marketing package, you can be assured that your brand is being handled by an award-winning marketing specialist.

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