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Full-Service Marketing Support

Can your Marketing Agency deliver on all fronts?

Social Media Marketing

Managing social pages is more than simply scheduling a post a day for the next month. Unless people are engaging with your posts you might as well be shouting your message in the middle of a valley, in the middle of a national park.

It is becoming harder than ever to secure great organic reach, but it helps when you are always hot on the heels of Facebook’s ever changing algorithms. By understanding what sort of content Facebook wants to promote, puts us in the best position to be able to deliver on it.

Social Media efforts should be accompanied with a strategy – this feeds into your blogging, your SEO, digital PR your PPC and most importantly analysing your marketing metrics to understand what is or is not working well for you.

Digital and Print PR

Digital PR from the MetroSecuring PR is something many claim they can do, but in reality most simply spam the mailbox of known journalists with one of the hundreds of press releases they will receive that day. We secure PR by being timely and relevant, and have great relationships with key journalists.

Blogging and Content Creation

Blogging can be time consuming, and often we find that everything you want to say goes blank when you sit down to write! We can do the hard work for you as part of the monthly fee, creating SEO rich, well-written content from a columnist of the prestigious Business Matters magazine!

Great content is the nucleus of results-driven online marketing – whether that be videos, visuals or written content. We will come up with the ideas (obviously, we will need you to star in the videos!) and will edit the footage ready to go online.

Facebook Ads (PPC)

Since organic reach has started to decline (and will continue to decline, as sure as eggs are eggs!) Facebook Advertising (aka Facebook PPC) has

Review of Facebook

emerged as a highly effective and cheap form of digital marketing.

We are very experienced in setting up, managing and training in Facebook Ads – we have been using them since 2012, long before most people knew they existed! We help businesses with monthly ad budgets from £50 a month to £50,000 a month.

If hiring someone to manage your ads isn’t quite in your budget right now, we also Facebook Masterclass events around the country training small business owners in running effective campaigns.

Email Marketing

Since the introduction of GDPR many businesses have shied away from email marketing. However this can be a very effective way of encouraging LTV (Lifetime Value) from your existing customer base. And it is absolutely fine to email your existing customer base!

This is an example of how your whole marketing strategy pulls together to ensure your sales funnel is delivering results – whether your leads are cold, warm or hot!

Metrics, Analytics and Reporting

We would never take on a marketing package with any business without showing them measurable results. Like, as in, results in £Pounds and pence. Not flimsy, ambiguous results like “your post reached 1000 people” – your post could reach the moon, but if it isn’t promoting people to take actions that are meaningful to your business then it’s an entirely pointless output.

No Minimum Contract

Most aspects of marketing are front loaded – as in the greatest amount of time is at the beginning, setting up Facebook campaigns, pages, lists etc – so we are taking a bit of risk saying that you can cancel at any time!

But we do this because we believe in the value we offer. We know that the only reason you would want to cancel, is if you ceased trading or encountered personal problems and in those instances we would never want to impose a contract on you. So as a result, we have literally no minimum contract. So far, we still have all of our clients!

Some of features you may wish to include in your Full-Service Marketing Package

  • Creation of Social Pages where they do not already exist and posting engaging and original content to grow your audience

  • Set Up and Ongoing Management of highly targeted and measurable Facebook Ads

  • Management of GDPR Compliant Email Marketing

  • Training your staff in how to be effective and strategic account managers. How to spot an opportunity to up-sell to your current customers

  • Fortnightly or monthly blog writing with rich SEO friendly content

  • Getting your product into the hands of the Bloggers and Influencers who have the biggest and more relevant audiences

  • Seek out and write Award nominations on your behalf – so far we have never failed to achieve a shortlist!

  • Full set up and management of Google PPC, Shopping and Remarketing Campaigns