Does your E-commerce need to make more sales?

Running an E-commerce business is not as simple as people say it is. But then you already know that, that is why you’re reading this page!

You have probably chosen to read this page for one of the following reasons:

  • You want to build an E-commerce business
  • You are an E-commerce start-up and aren’t getting many sales
  • You are an established E-commerce and your conversion and/or traffic is poor
  • You are an established E-commerce and your performance has plateaued

I have been involved with E-commerce business performance for over a decade. Through meticulous testing, analysing, editing, testing, analysing, editing…. A/B testing, training, networking, exposure to numerous client’s E-commerce websites, trial and error, you discover what does and does not work. It is experience you cannot find in a book.

My blog post on whether your E-commerce website is designed to sell is a good starting point to help you self-diagnose why you might be experiencing poor E-commerce performance.

If you would like me to take a look, please send me an email to nikki@nikkihesford.co.uk with your website URL and I will be happy to offer a few no obligation tips on what might be contributing to your poor sales.

If you would like an In-depth written Diagnosis illustrating cause and corrective measures this is available at a cost of £75.00

“Think of your business like a flat pack furniture. You have all the pieces in front of you – the doors, the side panels, the handles, the screws, the allen keys….. but you’re missing the instructions. You could probably figure out how to put the furniture together without the instructions, but it would take three times as long and you would probably make quite a few mistakes. An expert helps you to write the instructions, so that you can put it all together quickly and accurately the first time”
Nikki Hesford

Some of the common challenges I can help with:

  • Diagnosis of whether your E-commerce needs more traffic, better conversion or both

  • Analysis of navigation flow within your website to mark out the desired pathway to the Checkout

  • Development of a workable marketing and PR plan to grow the brand

  • Support with growing Social Media audiences for your brand

  • E-commerce strategy – enabling you to increase traffic and conversion and exploit social media opportunities to win new customers

  • Support with sourcing products to sell on your E-commerce website

  • Preparing cash flow forecast and business plan for your E-commerce business and helping you to seek capital investment to take your business to the next level

  • Manage all areas of your marketing with a full service Marketing Package

  • Train you in writing the best Meta Titles and Descriptions that’ll help your product rank highly in searches