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About Nikki Hesford

I have over 10 years of marketing and commercial experience, starting my business journey at the age of 21 while a university undergraduate. I happened upon an unmet demand for clothing, lingerie and swimwear for bigger busted women. Armed with little more than an internet connection and a big idea, I trawled the internet, finding suppliers, pattern cutters, manufacturers, web developers….

Prior to launching my website I had projected dozens of sales in my first weeks, growing to hundreds and thousands. The reality was in fact, a mere handful of visitors after two weeks and zero orders. I quickly realised that I needed to learn about digital marketing and E-commerce selling – and fast!

But persistence paid off, the sales started to appear and what started with one product, turned into two, and two turned into ten and within a couple of years I was sat in the Dorchester Hotel in London hearing my name being called out as the winner of a prestigious national Natwest Business Award for my efforts. Over the next couple of years, I appeared on Dragons Den, sought £250,000 of private investment, opened my own factory and scooped several more awards.

Brand Products I Have Worked On
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Exiting the business in 2015 to spend time with my newborn baby son, I gained cross level experience working for medium and FTSE100 businesses, working with brands such as Elemis, GHD, Seaspray, Cubbies, Manuka Doctor and Prismologie to name but a few.

I learned from working with large companies, that regardless of size – all businesses undergo, by and large, the same challenges.

Even large companies with entire marketing teams, were sat scratching their heads wondering why their website traffic was not improving despite all their efforts. All businesses regardless of size were struggling to stay on top of the ever changing sales and marketing climate.

All the things they needed to be an expert in – SEO, copy writing, PR, blogging, engaging with influencers, offline marketing, Facebook, social media, website navigation, Adwords, E-commerce, email marketing…. I began to realise that very few people had experience in all areas, because very few people had run, grown and exited a business of their own.

Although I help organisations with all areas of sales, marketing and commercial elements of their business (including business plan writing, costing models & margin analysis, inventory control, new product development) the area I am most passionate about is driving measurable sales using Facebook Ads (PPC) and results driven digital marketing.